35Nest, a new MR16 LED module with advanced integrated features!

ELR 35NEST provide an impressive 750 lumens of usable light which is 
in-par with 50 Watts MR16 halogen

LED Module
NEST’s LED modules are made up of high quality LED chips with LM80 and TM-21 proven lifetime. Color consistency has been controlled from lamp to lamp and provide selection of color temperature from 2700K to 5000K, with Ra~95.

LED Driver
To achieve a compact size whilst still maintaining a safe operation temperature, the 35NEST has an integral high efficient AC/DC LED driver located within an innovative isolated thermal compartment. This ensures that is achieves >50K hours of operation. The 35NEST is phase dimmable using either leading or trailing edge dimmers.

The 35NEST module is available in 3 beam widths; 10°, 20° and 38° for maximum versatility.

35N Datasheet

About ELR:
ELR is focused on producing premium LED lighting solutions for commercial, retail, residential and industrial applications. Established in 2008, they have grown substantially reaching out to different parts of the world and now have operations in the United Kingdom, Oceanic, Europe, Middle East, China & Hong Kong, India, Africa and South East Asia.

ELR have succeeded in designing LED products with key differentiators, innovative thinking and quality materials. And as a company that both designs and manufactures a wide and Market leading range of products it has invested heavily in in-house research to ensure that application, performance and International compliance requirements are exceeded.