01.Development Phase

Specification Specification

Work with industry professionals, suppliers and clients to ascertain required performance and design specifications.

Design Design

Our engineering team ensure products are designed to provide optimal performance and superior aesthetic function.

Prototyping Prototyping

A three stage prototyping and testing regime confirms product specifications are satisfied and ready for production.

Certification Certification

Thorough independent inspection, testing and certification is performed to meet all relevant industrial standards globally.

02.Production Phase

Components Components

Procurement teams carefully select the highest quality components and materials.

Tooling Tooling

Precision tooling is generated from our 3D product designs to ensure accurate product componentry.

Assembly Assembly

Efficient, high performance assembly lines and procedures provide reduced manufacturing lead times without compromising quality.

Testing Testing

Each product is rigorously tested and inspected against strict quality assurance standards offering peace of mind to our customers.

03.Delivery Phase

Packaging Packaging

Our products are packed in specifically designed packaging reducing the risk of damage in transit whilst providing clear and distinguishable labelling.

Shipping Shipping

Our logistics team ensures our products travel around the globe with reputable carriers and meet strict on-time requirements.