ComfyEYE, comfortable light with reduced flicker percentage

Light oscillates, but normally at very high frequencies not noticeable by the human eye. Therefore our instantaneous perception is a continuous ray of light. Just like TV or computer screens having their own defined oscillating refresh rate, otherwise known as frame rate. Nowadays with our power grid running at 50Hz or 60Hz, artificial light is prone to oscillate at 100Hz or 120Hz. Since this oscillation frequency is low, it’s easier for the human eye to perceive a stroboscopic effect that may cause discomfort and health concerns to some.

In order to provide comfortable light experience, the ComfyEYE aspect embedded in ELR LED driver technology minimises light flicker percentage, which is the measurement of peak-to-peak contrast of light output. By reducing light flicker percentage below certain threshold at lower frequencies, ComfyEYE eliminates stroboscopic effect and prevents our eyes from being strained to perceive light as continuous.

LED Module with ComfyEYE
35/50 NEST and 35/50/100/300/500 PRO series, with standard CRI or ProArt, Ra>90 from CCT of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K

LED Driver
Multiple diming options available with phase dimmable, 0-10V and DALI.

Selection of MTFIR™ optics from 10°, 20°, 35°, 38°, and 60°

About ELR: ELR is focused on producing premium LED lighting solutions for commercial, retail, residential and industrial applications. Established in 2008, they have grown substantially reaching out to different parts of the world and now have operations in the United Kingdom, Oceanic, Europe, Middle East, China & Hong Kong, India, Africa and South East Asia.

ELR have succeeded in designing LED products with key differentiators, innovative thinking and quality materials. And as a company that both designs and manufactures a wide and Market leading range of products it has invested heavily in in-house research to ensure that application, performance and International compliance requirements are exceeded.