Downlight Luminaire Series

ELR’s premium recessed downlight luminaire. Inspired by ELR’s own highly configurable LED modules, the Vasari range offers a high degree of flexibility, aesthetics and functionality for the most discerning of applications. These outstanding attributes have been recognised by winning a 2014 iF product design award.

Flexibility if offered with a variety of frame sizes and shapes from which an assortment of trims, reflectors and accessories can be added. For an even more unique touch, individual components can be painted and configured to match whatever style and appearance is desired.

Furthermore ELR’s LED modules can be easily interchanged to offer a variety of LED power, colour temperature and light distribution without completely removing the luminaire for the ceiling, saving time, and more importantly, protecting the finished ceiling surface from damage.

Vasari 3


Vasari 4


Vasari 6


Vasari 3, Dark Light Reflector


Vasari 4, Dark Light Reflector


Vasari 3, Wallwash


Vasari 4, Wallwash


Vasari 6, Wallwash