Register before 3rd September for a chance to access the 20m UK Electricity Demand Fund.

As part of an effort to reduce peak time energy consumption in the UK, the government has launched The Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) pilot. Commencing in July of this year it makes 20m of funding available for businesses in all sectors in the UK who want to implement energy efficiency projects, such as LED lighting installations. The scheme works via an auction whereby businesses can bid to receive funding for their proposed projects. The auction is open to projects which can deliver a minimum of 100 Kw of energy savings throughout the winter of 2015-16. Once selected your business will receive a one-year contract with 50% payment on installation and 50% on the proof of savings. The government has also said the investment will reduce the urgent need for new power stations.

Each bidder must present a project plan that outlines the savings and how these will be measured and verified. The proposal can include one or more technologies but these must provide lasting savings that are relevant to winter peak (3pm – 7pm from November to February). The measures must be installed within 9 months of the auction and must have a payback period of two or more years. The relevant winter measurement metric is perfect for lighting projects, this is when lighting demand is at its peak and savings can be maximised.

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