LED Modules

Award Winning
Heat Management

Heatsink structure

ELR LED modules feature a sophisticated and ultra-efficient heat sink structure. The patented design requires 50% less material, making the overall LED module lighter and more efficient. The heat sink fins are manufactured from pure aluminium to maximise heat-conductivity without compromise. Our unique heat sink manufacturing method does not require casting or extruding of the aluminium, resulting no thermal coefficient losses.

Passive Cooling

The shape and layout of ELR’s innovative heat sink promotes passive, natural convection in a small form factor, eliminating the need for active fans or diaphragms that are prone to wear and making unnecessary noise. This minimalistic approach ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Colour Quality


Colour options

LED modules are available in a variety colour temperatures: warmer white with a CCT of 2200K and 2700K; warm white at 3000K; neutral white at 4000K and cool white at 5000K.

White colour consistency

Utilising advanced and systematic LED binning techniques, ELR ensure the white colour balance between LED modules, which are tightly controlled at 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning for consistent white light and aesthetically pleasing lighting effects.

Colour Rendering Index, CRI

Colour rendition is important to ensure faithful representation of colours. All ELR LED modules offer an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of Ra~85, with optional further increase to Ra~95 using ProART models.



Lumen Maintenance

ELR LED modules and fittings are manufactured using only the best LED packages. All LED packages selected for use in ELR LED modules are tested in accordance with IES LM-80-2008 (“LM-80”) from accredited testing laboratories. The procedure for LM-80 involves continual measurement of the lumen maintenance for a minimum of 6000 hours. By only utilising LED packages that satisfy the requirements for lumen depreciation set out in LM-80, ELR are committing to providing the most reliable LED modules for use in our fittings.

Class Leading Efficiency

With a system efficiency of more than 100 lumens/watt including electronic driver, ELR fittings are significantly more efficient that conventional luminaires. This excellent efficiency is achieved through precision design, high-grade materials and innovative technologies that are combined within the optical and thermal management system of all ELR fittings.

Beam Angle Control


High quality optical systems are essential to provide accurate light distribution, consistent chromatic performance and maximising luminous efficacy. Optics used in all ELR LED modules are manufactured from premium grade PMMA or polycarbonate polymers that offer exceptional performance without degradation over the life of the component.

Covering all angles

A range of beam angles are available to provide suitable illumination for a wide variety of applications, from variations of narrow to wide beam with excellent uniformity and rotationally symmetrical light distribution, to asymmetrical wall-washing applications.

MFTIR™ Multifaceted Total Internal Reflection

MFTIR is an excellent technique in controlling narrow beam angles with great reduction of halo around the main centre beam. The unique structure bounces light rays several times internally to produce a much more controlled light output.

Main Beam