“Unleashing the punch of light” ELR launches a new 12° narrow beam LED option for their ELR35, ELR50 and ELR100 series modules.

Australia: ELR launches today the extension of their popular LED module series with a new 12° beam option. Now the LED module family of ELR35 Pro, ELR50 Classic, ELR50 Pro, ELR100 Classic, and ELR100 Pro, have an extensive choice of beam selections ranging from narrow spots to wide flood i.e. 12°, 20°, 35° and 60°.

The 12° optics are derived from the computerized design technology of TIR-lens (total internal reflection) and provide uniform center spots with soft fade off edges. The CBCP (center beam candela power) value follows the guidelines of “ENERGY STAR’s Integral LED Lamp Center Beam Intensity Benchmark Tool”, with maximum of 15,000 cd from the ELR100 Pro LED modules.

The new 12° beam LED modules share a compatible form factor to the existing range of modules and will therefore be able to fit into current luminaire range without any modification. The arrival of this narrow spot module compliments ELR’s indoor lighting solutions to further provide a full offering to indoor hospitality applications.

About ELR: ELR is focused on producing premium LED lighting solutions for commercial, retail, residential and industrial applications. Established in 2008, they have grown substantially reaching out to different parts of the world and now have operations in the United Kingdom, Australasia, Europe, Middle East, China & Hong Kong, India, Africa and South East Asia.

ELR have succeeded in designing LED products with key differentiators, innovative thinking and quality materials. And as a company that both designs and manufactures a wide and Market leading range of products it has invested heavily in in-house research to ensure that application, performance and International compliance requirements are exceeded.