Each product under the ‘Special Craft’ series is finely crafted to ensure that quality is of the highest standards, with excellent lighting effects as well as a range of selections to cater to a full scale of lighting applications.

Our Special Craft series is not bound to the modular concept, allowing quick implementation across all markets with USPs such as variety of designs, availability in miniature forms and is also budget effective, which offers an edge within a demanding and competitive professional lighting market. Overall, the Special Craft series aim to further embrace ELR’s long term quality and service assurance, while providing absolute peace of mind to all lighting designers and building owners.



SPACE2 is a sophisticated magnetic track lighting system. 3 available options of 48V low-voltage power supply track system are both safe for ceiling and for wall application. You’ll find this highly flexible magnetic track comes handy where you can simply attach various modular luminaires just by slotting them to the track. Slide and switch around the luminaires to your liking anytime. It’s that simple and easy.